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Why Size and Type are Factors to Consider for Air Purifiers

It’s quite simple, don’t just buy an air purifier. Make sure that it’s the right unit for your house, this is to help you maximize its use and benefits.

Experts recommend finding a unit that has all the features that you need, and if possible you should cover you whole house either by using different units for different rooms or by using a home air purifier. At least opt for a model that’s large enough to filter out air in the room where you’ll be placing it.

Apart from those factors, you should also consider what type of system that could work for your house. Let’s discuss the most important factors.


Air PurifiersOne of the first steps you must take when finding the right model is to choose the right size. Smaller units are great as they can be easily carried around anywhere in your house. Larger models can also be great but you may need to adjust their positions so they can effectively purify the entire house. If you want to avoid this hassle I’d recommend reading these whole house purifier reviews for 2015

If you’ll be placing a larger unit in the house, make sure that there are no obstructions blocking the flow of air. If there are, then you need to break the filtration system into smaller areas.


In addition to warmth and size, it’s also essential to know the type of air purifier you’ll need for your house. A HEPA filter is a filtration system of some air purifying units that can effectively trap small particulates. It can trap dust and pollen.
Unfortunately though, this type of unit is more expensive, and this is especially true if you’ll get a unit that can trap more particulates.

Then, you’ll need to change the filter every year. This can surely add up to the overall cost of the unit. And if you’re living in a highly polluted area, you’ll need to change the HEPA filter of your air purifier more frequently, say every 3 months.

In addition to HEPA, you should also consider getting a unit that has a carbon filter, but not all units with HEPA filter have carbon filtration system. However, getting one that has these two filtration systems can be worth the investment. This is especially beneficial if you have a carpet (and don’t use sufficient cleaning) and/or allergies, asthma and other lung conditions. The indoor air quality of your house will improve dramatically with the use of this machine.


What Does a Fitness Tracker Do Exactly?

You may have heard of a fitness tracker before. But what does it do exactly?

From the term itself, it tracks your fitness by tracking the number of steps taken and/or miles traveled. For a more advanced unit, you can monitor the number of calories burned each day.

If you want to further manage each aspect of your health, you can find a unit that tracks food, weight and sleep. In fact, there are units on the market that monitor the number of times you have tossed and turned at night to get a good night’s sleep. It also records whether you get up at night or not. From those data, it can estimate the quality of your sleep each night.

Syncing with other devices

Fitness TrackerA fitness tracker may be able to sync the data with your iPhone, Android and other devices. But you’ll need a high-end model to get this feature.

If you want a unit that’s capable of syncing wireless, you’ll need a model that’s compatible with your devices. Good thing is that models with this capacity can sync with i OS, Android, Blackberry and other major operating systems.

If you like jogging and working out, make sure to read some fitness monitor reviews for runners when opting for a new tracker. Also ensure that it comes with a decent warranty.


Learn How to Print Using a 3D Printer

Regardless of the brand of 3D printer you have, this type of technology has its own perks and quirks. Don’t trust every 3d print review because you don’t need the most expensive machine you can have to obtain the best 3D object for your project. This is especially true if you’re just starting to learn how to print in 3D.

3D PrinterBefore you get started, you must make sure that the temperature is right and the level of the print bed is even. This is to encourage proper or successful 3D prints. Keep in mind that a slight tilt can already cause gaps between the nozzle and the bed. You should make sure that the nozzle isn’t too far from the printer bed to avoid bad sticking. Extruder jams can be prevented when the nozzle isn’t too close to the bed. To be sure, read your manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly print and produce 3D objects.

Another thing to keep in mind when using a 3D printer is to properly set the Z-gap, which is a space between the head and the bed. If it’s too low, there won’t be enough space for molten plastic to come out. However, if the space is too high, the plastic might not stick to the printer bed properly. Thus, it’s always a good idea to follow the instructions of your 3D printer’s manufacturer. You’ll find the proper ways to set the Z-gap in order to product perfect 3D objects.

You should also watch the first layers produced. If the first few layers are successful, then it’s most likely that the remainder of the print will also work.


Reduce Energy Bills with the Help of a Programmable Thermostat

Should you buy a programmable thermostat? Well, if you want to save money on energy, then you should.

An average household spends more or less $2,000 on energy bills each year, and 50% of that goes through the heating and cooling systems of the house, including empty room and unused spaces. In other words, they’re wasting a lot of energy in the process.

What can a programmable thermostat do?

Programmable ThermostatThere are a lot of things this device can do to help you save on your energy bills. This is especially useful if they’re getting out of control. With this simple device, you’re not saving hundreds of dollars but thousands of dollars over the duration of your house’s heating and cooling systems.

Apart from savings, a thermostat can give you the best temperature when you sleep or wake up, go to work or come home. Plus, you’re helping the environment. This is because you’re using less energy than you normally do.
And you can have added tax benefits. The government does offer tax benefits for those who are energy efficient.

There are several options that you can go for when choosing the right thermostat. Make sure to read their features first.


Benefits of a Carpet Cleaner with a Steam Function

A carpet cleaner is also called a washer, it’s a generic name for all appliances that can be used to clean carpets. If it has a steam function, it’s called a carpet steam cleaner. You will also find cleaners for residential or commercial uses, but it’s important to understand that not all carpet cleaners have steam function. If you want to have that feature, you must choose a cleaner with such function.

The good thing with this steam option is that you can clean other things as well, from your car to your lawn to your toilet, you name it and you can clean it.

Why opt for a cleaner with a steam function?

Best Carpet Steam CleanerA carpet cleaner with this function can keep your carpet look nice and smell nice. A carpet can easily attract dirt, grime and pet stains and these things can cause nasty odor making your room smell unclean.

If you don’t clean the stains as soon as they stick to your carpet, they’ll linger and it’ll be difficult for you to remove them.

You may opt to rent this machine if you are worried about storage space in your house. However, the rental fees can add up easily. After a few times of renting, the rental fees that you’ve paid could allow you to buy your own carpet cleaner.

What is the difference between a vacuum and a carpet cleaner?

Or is there any difference? Yes, there is. But many people are confused about these two cleaners. Some retailers incorrectly place carpet cleaners within the vacuum categories.

Those two appliances are capable of cleaning your carpet. The vacuum removes dirt through suctioning but a carpet cleaner, on the other hand, removes dirt through the use of water and solution.

If you simply want to remove dirt accumulated in your carpet, you will only need a vacuum. However, if you need to eliminate stains, then you must opt for a carpet cleaner.

Is it an essential tool?

Yes, it is, especially if you have a carpet floor. Every home with carpeting must have a carpet cleaner to keep the floor in good condition.


2 Main Advantages of Bidets over Traditional Toilets

Bidets are stylish, but this is not the only reason they are becoming popular in the US. It is their hygienic benefits that make them appealing to households.

What are its advantages over traditional toilets?

Water versus toilet paper

Traditional ToiletsDoug from the best toilet website tells us that instead of using toilet paper, you will be using water to clean your sensitive parts after you have relieved yourself. Water is more hygienic than toilet paper because it cleans the areas thoroughly. Plus, it gives you the feeling of being “fresh.”

Toilet paper can cause irritation and tears your skin, and once you damage your skin, you are more prone to harmful bacteria. It is also not ideal for those with hemorrhoids. But, contrary to what other think, bidets cannot treat hemorrhoids. Rather, they can only alleviate their symptoms.

Since you do not need to use your bare hands to clean those parts, you can avoid spreading germs around the house.

Impact on the environment

Because bidets encourage the use of water, the demand for toilet paper will be reduced. This means a reduction to the use of natural resources.

In addition to that, bidets are less susceptible to clogging. In an ordinary toilet, faucets and water pipes can get clogged causing rupture to the pipes. As clogged plumbing can be avoided, bidet can help you avoid wasting gallons of water when the water pipes get clogged.

These are just the main advantages of installing bidets in your home. Although they are more expensive than conventional toilets seats, the pros can easily outweigh the costs.


How to Install a Kitchen Faucet

Installing your new kitchen faucet can be done easily. That is, if you’re a DIY type of person. Assuming that you are, there are things you must do before you even start drilling.

  1. a Kitchen FaucetRemove all things in the cabinet and areas where you’ll be installing the new valve.
  2. Get a bucket in case you need to catch any water while you’re working.
  3. Use a cloth to block the drain opening.
  4. Turn off electrical outlet near your sink.
  5. Avoid hand injuries by using a basin wrench for tight spaces.
  6. Purchase a high-quality kitchen faucet that comes with a good warranty.

What materials do you need for installation?

  1. Adjustable wrench of different sizes
  2. Slip joint pliers

Before you start installing it, make sure that you’ve already turned off the water valve. Better yet, turn off the main water supply. Then, start connecting the supply lines to your kitchen and make sure that you tighten its coupling nuts.
Also apply sealant on the base of the valve. If your sink is made of marble, a silicone caulk must be used as a sealant.

If you’re not confident about installing your newly purchased kitchen faucet, you should consider hiring a professional. Some retailers of kitchen faucets do recommend someone who can do the job for you. However, the cost can add up. Still, a professional plumber can make sure that the faucet is installed properly to avoid leaking in the future.

More information at Faucet Assistant


Biggest Concerns When Shopping for a Memory Foam Mattress

Most memory foam mattress are made of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material. According to Foam Nights, this is an ideal foam especially if you have painful joints as it can relieve the pain through its pressure-point relief feature.

a Memory Foam MattressWhat’s the price?

The features of this foam make it one of the more expensive foams you can find on the market. It’s definitely pricier than a sprung mattress.

Body shape

The room temperature affects this type of foam, so this means that when you first use it you’ll find that it’s cold and hard.
When your body touches the foam, it’ll react to your body heat, thereby, molding to your shape. Thus, some owners of memory foam mattress find it difficult to get out of bed.

The air circulation around your body is greatly reduced. Hence, you’ll feel warmer making it an ideal foam during winter. However, you might feel too hot when you use it in summer.

Generally, you can’t turn it over. However, there are some options on the market that’ll allow you to turn the foam around and have handles that make turning easier to do.

Foam only

Most of the memory foam mattresses on the market are sprung mattresses, the only difference is that they have a layer of memory on top of it. If you want a pure memory foam bed, you can opt for a model that comes with extra layers of memory foam, rather than springs. Of course, this type of mattress is even more pricy.

When it comes to its durability, you’ll find that memory foam mattress can last longer than a regular mattress.