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How to Install a Kitchen Faucet

Installing your new kitchen faucet can be done easily. That is, if you’re a DIY type of person. Assuming that you are, there are things you must do before you even start drilling.

  1. a Kitchen FaucetRemove all things in the cabinet and areas where you’ll be installing the new valve.
  2. Get a bucket in case you need to catch any water while you’re working.
  3. Use a cloth to block the drain opening.
  4. Turn off electrical outlet near your sink.
  5. Avoid hand injuries by using a basin wrench for tight spaces.
  6. Purchase a high-quality kitchen faucet that comes with a good warranty.

What materials do you need for installation?

  1. Adjustable wrench of different sizes
  2. Slip joint pliers

Before you start installing it, make sure that you’ve already turned off the water valve. Better yet, turn off the main water supply. Then, start connecting the supply lines to your kitchen and make sure that you tighten its coupling nuts.
Also apply sealant on the base of the valve. If your sink is made of marble, a silicone caulk must be used as a sealant.

If you’re not confident about installing your newly purchased kitchen faucet, you should consider hiring a professional. Some retailers of kitchen faucets do recommend someone who can do the job for you. However, the cost can add up. Still, a professional plumber can make sure that the faucet is installed properly to avoid leaking in the future.

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