What Does a Fitness Tracker Do Exactly?

You may have heard of a fitness tracker before. But what does it do exactly?

From the term itself, it tracks your fitness by tracking the number of steps taken and/or miles traveled. For a more advanced unit, you can monitor the number of calories burned each day.

If you want to further manage each aspect of your health, you can find a unit that tracks food, weight and sleep. In fact, there are units on the market that monitor the number of times you have tossed and turned at night to get a good night’s sleep. It also records whether you get up at night or not. From those data, it can estimate the quality of your sleep each night.

Syncing with other devices

Fitness TrackerA fitness tracker may be able to sync the data with your iPhone, Android and other devices. But you’ll need a high-end model to get this feature.

If you want a unit that’s capable of syncing wireless, you’ll need a model that’s compatible with your devices. Good thing is that models with this capacity can sync with i OS, Android, Blackberry and other major operating systems.

If you like jogging and working out, make sure to read some fitness monitor reviews for runners when opting for a new tracker. Also ensure that it comes with a decent warranty.