2 Main Advantages of Bidets over Traditional Toilets

Bidets are stylish, but this is not the only reason they are becoming popular in the US. It is their hygienic benefits that make them appealing to households.

What are its advantages over traditional toilets?

Water versus toilet paper

Traditional ToiletsDoug from the best toilet website tells us that instead of using toilet paper, you will be using water to clean your sensitive parts after you have relieved yourself. Water is more hygienic than toilet paper because it cleans the areas thoroughly. Plus, it gives you the feeling of being “fresh.”

Toilet paper can cause irritation and tears your skin, and once you damage your skin, you are more prone to harmful bacteria. It is also not ideal for those with hemorrhoids. But, contrary to what other think, bidets cannot treat hemorrhoids. Rather, they can only alleviate their symptoms.

Since you do not need to use your bare hands to clean those parts, you can avoid spreading germs around the house.

Impact on the environment

Because bidets encourage the use of water, the demand for toilet paper will be reduced. This means a reduction to the use of natural resources.

In addition to that, bidets are less susceptible to clogging. In an ordinary toilet, faucets and water pipes can get clogged causing rupture to the pipes. As clogged plumbing can be avoided, bidet can help you avoid wasting gallons of water when the water pipes get clogged.

These are just the main advantages of installing bidets in your home. Although they are more expensive than conventional toilets seats, the pros can easily outweigh the costs.