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Why Size and Type are Factors to Consider for Air Purifiers

It’s quite simple, don’t just buy an air purifier. Make sure that it’s the right unit for your house, this is to help you maximize its use and benefits.

Experts recommend finding a unit that has all the features that you need, and if possible you should cover you whole house either by using different units for different rooms or by using a home air purifier. At least opt for a model that’s large enough to filter out air in the room where you’ll be placing it.

Apart from those factors, you should also consider what type of system that could work for your house. Let’s discuss the most important factors.


Air PurifiersOne of the first steps you must take when finding the right model is to choose the right size. Smaller units are great as they can be easily carried around anywhere in your house. Larger models can also be great but you may need to adjust their positions so they can effectively purify the entire house. If you want to avoid this hassle I’d recommend reading these whole house purifier reviews for 2015

If you’ll be placing a larger unit in the house, make sure that there are no obstructions blocking the flow of air. If there are, then you need to break the filtration system into smaller areas.


In addition to warmth and size, it’s also essential to know the type of air purifier you’ll need for your house. A HEPA filter is a filtration system of some air purifying units that can effectively trap small particulates. It can trap dust and pollen.
Unfortunately though, this type of unit is more expensive, and this is especially true if you’ll get a unit that can trap more particulates.

Then, you’ll need to change the filter every year. This can surely add up to the overall cost of the unit. And if you’re living in a highly polluted area, you’ll need to change the HEPA filter of your air purifier more frequently, say every 3 months.

In addition to HEPA, you should also consider getting a unit that has a carbon filter, but not all units with HEPA filter have carbon filtration system. However, getting one that has these two filtration systems can be worth the investment. This is especially beneficial if you have a carpet (and don’t use sufficient cleaning) and/or allergies, asthma and other lung conditions. The indoor air quality of your house will improve dramatically with the use of this machine.